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    Silver has extensive and powerful antimicrobial activities.

    Silver is known to be safe and effective as disinfectant for a long time.

    Silver has been widely used in many medical aspects for their eminent antimicrobial activities.



    . Ancient Greeks and Romans used silver barrels to keep their water fresh and to preserve food.
    . The use of silver, for medicinal purposes, is written about in ancient Egyptian records.
    . Chinese emperors have always eaten with silver chopsticks for good health.
    . Early North American settlers placed silver coins in their canteens to keep their water clean and germ-free.



    . NASA recently started using silver instead of chlorine to purify water for their astronauts in space.
    . The U.S. military has silver particles impregnated into the clothing of soldiers to protect against rashes, staph infections, athletes foot and more.
    . In Asia, many cell phones are coated with silver particles to prevent the transfer of germs and bacteria.
    . To prevent the spread of infection, silver particles are used in many health-care products including, wound dressing and nurse uniforms.




    Greeks and Romans in ancient times discovered that food contained in silverwares had kept its freshness for a long time.

    Ancient Indians used to distribute a silver coin to each soldier who was going to battlefields. They already knew the remedial value of silver coins wrapped around the wounds of injured soldiers.

    In the medieval age, pest was sweeping across Europe to kill nearly twenty million out of total population of forty millions, but royal palaces were known to have been exempted from the curse of pest. People believed that it was silver kept in those palaces that saved royal families.

    From the old days, Koreans have carried silver spoons, silver hairpins and silver knives with the belief that keeping silver is good for heath and makes a fortune. Various kinds
    of silverwares and accessories made of silver in the royal palaces emitted a great deal
    of silver ionized water, blocking the dissemination of the disease.

    Settlers in the U.S western frontiers found out by chance that milk were not gone bad
    if silver coins were put into the milk bottles, and the water in the bottles where silverwares were concealed maintained its freshness for a long time.

    In the herbal medicine therapy, silver is known to reinforce the natural balance of the human body.
    This reminds us of an account recorded in the book of Dong Eui Bo Gam that silver is particularly good for the treatment of mental illnesses like epilepsy and convulsions,
    and women diseases.
    An explanatory note in the book of Bon Cho Gang Mok, that silver possessed by people extends their life by providing comfort to the five viscera, giving balances between mind and body while driving out evil spirit.