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▶ Environmental purification

    Atmosphere purification
    Convering the polluted organic compound in the air inro water and carbonic acid gas using honeycomb and UV lamp coated with photocatalyst.

    Water purification
    Resolving the organic compound in the wastewater and organic compoynd in the subterranean  water is oxidized and decomposed to water and carbonic acid gas using honeycomb and UVlamp coated with photocatalyst.

 ▶ Road

    When a photocatalyst titanium dioxide ( TiO2) coatde on road, tunnel, guadrail, reflecting mirror, signpost and soundproof wall, we can maintain these materials clearly through the self-cleaning properties of photocatalyst with super-hydrophilicity.

 ▶ Housing

    When chamber pot, tile and bath were coated with photocatalyst, the oder was lost and mold not occur. If we used the wallpaper, glass, sash, blind and illuminator cover coated with photocatalyst, indoor air purified and we can maintain the best condition  Construction materials If we used the photocatalyst coated materials in the smoking room, the cigarette smell was removed in the smoking room.
    Photocatalyst coating materials as an outer wall of a building oxidize and decompose orgainc materials which pollute an outer wall by strong oxidize decomposition and it clean down a dust of an outer wall by self cleaning is caused by rainwater, because it had super-hydrophilici. If we use photocatalyst coating materials as an outer wall of a building, we always are able to maintain an outer wall clearly.

 ▶ Electric home appliance

    Air conditioner, air cleaner and others are equipped with photocaralyst coating filter can decompose organic materials in air then it provide a clean air.
    A refeiherator is equipped with photocatalyst coating material can eliminate a smell in the refrigerator and prevent food in the refrigerator from rottenness by sterilization Filter of an wafer purity appliance can eliminate inorganic matters or a floating mine but not dissolved organic materials.
    Now, if you use photocatalyst coating filter, it is able to eliminate dissolved organic matertals by oxidize decomposition. Specially, while the water tank is storing the filtered water, it can be spoiled by the propagation of bacteria photocatalyst coating materials can prevent the water from this second pollution.
    Finally, photocatalyst coating materials can prevent tableware from contamination by bacteria in a tableware dryer.

 ▶ Automobile

    Photocatalyst filter in an air conditioner can make inner air of a can clean and it is used as interior materials of a auto eliminates inner smell of the car by strong oxidize decomposition reaction, then it can maintain automobile's inner air clearly.

 ▶ Agriculture

    If we use vinyl is coated with photocatalyst as the materials of the vinylhouse, it can prevent a waterdrop formed at the seal of vinylhouse from dropping by its superhydrophilic property, then a waterdrop slip down the wall. So, we can reduce damage of the crops. Moreover, we can eliminate bacteria and harmful insects are living in the soil by using photocatalyst as a bactericide or an insecticide.

 ▶ Daily necessities

    If tableware, knife, dipper, spoon, chopsticks, glass and chopping board are coated with photocatalyst, they will be maintained to be clean by strong sterilizing power of the Photo.

 ▶ The fixtures of a store

    If a outdoor signs are coated with photocatalyst, they will be kept clean by self cleaning by strong oxidation-dissolvation effect and super-hydrophilicity of the photocatalyst. If indoor-wall-electric lamps are using photocatalyst-coating product, they will lose the odor and prevent reduction of illumination0intensity by outside pollution, so indoor will be ilght than before.

 ▶ Medical treatment

    If photocatalyst inserts cancerous celld and sweep them with a UV lamp, cancerous cells will be dissolved by strong oxidation-dissolvation reaction of the photocatalyst so growth of cancerous cells will be restrainted then will cure a cancer by removement of cancerous cells.