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Function & Efficacy

Air purification

Dispose the noxious compounds such as nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide and formaldehyde in the air.


Sterilization, purification prevention


Decomposition of odor compounds such as acetaldehyde, ammonia and hydrogen sulfur.


Decomposition and disposal of organic compounds that stick to the surface such as cigarette smoke and oil dregs.


Generally, organic compound is absorbed on the material's surface, so to wash it, the use of detergent is necessary, But, photocatalyst-coated surface with illumination can eliminate dirt and thanks to its hydrophilicity, it can also separate pollutants like car exhausts and smoking wastes from the surface, So it can be used for automobile body coat, store signs, building's windows, exiternal construction materials and guardrails.

UV block

Photocatalyst blocks UV since it uses UV as energy, so it can be applied to blinds, verticals, etc.

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