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    Dogs need effective cleansing and deodorizing shampoo which doesn't give any stimulation to eyes and skin.

    Main ingredient NANOVER has outstanding antibiotic, sterizing effect and great deodorizing effect.

    For the dog's weak skin and hair, NANOVER Pet Shampoo is made with milk protain, D-panthenol, silicon, therefore keeps the dog's hair healthier, and more elastic.

    It doesn't have any stimulation, and maintains the hair mild and clean. It also helps maintain ph balance of pet's skin, therefore effective for the skin disease protection



    1. Before shampooing, unravel hair in tangles and comb it.

    2. Wet the body with warm water, and put shampoo on it, make enough foam, rinse off.

    3. Use rinse after shampooing, it will be more effective.