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    Nano Silver Cleansing Soap contains Nano Silver along with a blend of natural ingredients for a deep,fast skin penetration. It's rich lather and self-cleansing formula will work actively to cleanse away make-up residues, excess body oil and even bacteria to prevent skin troubles, giving you a refreshed, replenished feeling.

    * Keeps your skin clean, soft and gentle.
    * Makes the skin bright and whitening.
    * Contains safe and powerful antiseptics.
    * Penetrates good active ingredients into the skin rapidly.
    * Antiseptic and prevents skin infections.
    * Removes various bacteria and germs and odors.
    * Relieves skin problems caused by bacteria.
    * Soothes discomfort resulting from skin irritants
    * Prevent black spots, acne and pimples and relieve itching.
    * Helps deep clean skin and prevents the dryness of the skin.
    * Suitable for all skin types. For the entire family.



    1.Make enough foam on your hand and massage gently about for 30  seconds.
    2.Rinse off thoroughly with warm water.







    As a sheet type, the enriched essence components can be absorbed moistly and supply moisture and nutrition to your skin. It will form a thin film on the skin and block the evaporation of the moisture and you will be able to feel the moistness all day. Infuse your skin with moisture and nutrition.

    *  Antibiosis
     Pore reduction
    *  Whitening effect
    *  Skin trouble free
    *  Moisture reservation
    *  Skin contaminant absorption
    *  Strengthening skin immunity function
    *  For women & men
    *  Convenient to use
    *  For all skin types


When to use

    *  Harsh skin due to frequent make-up
     Skin suffering from heavy make-up
     Widen and blacken pores
     Troubled skin due to the weakness of immunity
     Skin care for women and men who work outside
     Harsh skin due to stresses and overloaded work
     Skin care for a purulent inflammation such as pimples and oily skin
     Other simple skin trouble improvement & general skin management use etc.


How to use

    1) Wash your face and put a water skin on the face.
    2) Spread the mask evenly on your face and stick it fast to the face.
    3) Your face starts absorbing highly concentrated nutrition.
        Take off the mask from your face after 20 or 30 minutes.
    4) Tap the essence left on the skin lightly so as to be adsorbed inside the skin.
    5) Finish up with the regular skin care program.