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    Nanosilver Body Wash formula, with patented Nano Silver, deeply penetrates skin pores cleaning them of dirt, excess oil and bacteria, all of which are major contributors of skin problems and body odour.

    It leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and hydrated, helps improve skin's elasticity for beautiful firm-looking skin.

    * Keeps your skin clean, soft and gentle.
    * Contains safe and powerful antiseptics.
    * Diminishes bacteria and inflammation.
    * Eliminates acne and relieve itching.
    * Keeps the skin clean, smooth and healthy.
    * Maintains the skin moisturized and prevents the  dryness of the skin.
    * Penetrates good active ingredients into the skin rapidly.
    * Banishes the skin infection caused by epiphyte and bacteria.
    * Strengthens the skin and promote the skin metabolism.
    * Effectively get rid of the skin grease, toxin, evil smell.
    * Prevents athlete foot, ringworm, white-spots and skin infections.
    * Suitable for all skin types. For the entire family.

    * 300ml / bottle


How to use

    * Squeeze a small amount into sponge or towel mixing with a little water.
    * Make eonough foam on the sponge and massage gently the body in circular motion.
    * Rinse thoroughly with warm water.