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  • Nano Silver(30 ppm) : Silver particle (Ag) in nano size having the antibiotic efficacy of Silver itself preserved without any change of its property
  • Phyto Collagen : Supply of protein into the skin.
  • Aloe Vera Gel : Outstanding effects on making the skin whitening and activating.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate : Moisture preserved effect of Mask Pack and a close skin adherence.
  • Green Tea & Chamomile Extract : Making the skin nourished and relieved.
  • Fragrance : Very small amount of Natural Aroma.
    Patch Mask

Function & Effect

  • Antibiosis
  • Pore reduction
  • Skin Trouble Free
  • Moisture reservation
  • Function of Whitening
  • Skin contaminant absorption
  • Strengthening skin immunity function
  • Joint use by men & women
  • Convenient to use.

  • Antibiosis
    A purity of 99.9% Nano silver particle dismantled as the colloidal state in pure non-compound distilled water is a catalyst that lowers the power of element controlling the metabolism of the single cell animals (bacteria, virus, fungi, etc.) and disinfects it. Also, it has a merit of acting fast and critically only on parasitic materials such as bacteria & other diseases.
    Therefore, almost diseases
    can not survive contacted with silver.
    The most important thing is that ?silver? cannot have a tolerance of a bacteria different from traditional antibiotic materials; therefore, we can use it with assurance
  • Pore reduction
    By an elimination of waste in pores or make-up residues and fat control, it recovers the original function of pores, and with a constant use of Nanover facial mask pack, it helps much in pore care & pore reduction through a shrink and contraction
  • Skin trouble management
    Through antibiosis of silver, it is very effective to the troubled skin caused by not only bacteria, germs, fungi, or make-up but also a general skin.
  • Skin contaminant absorption
    As a unique characteristic, a silver has a fast connection with harmful materials such as sulfur compounds or heavy metals both chemically and organically; therefore, a contaminant adherence function as a pack and even a toxic material adherence caused by make-ups other than skin bacteria are very strong.
  • Moisture preservation
    A silver?s skin cell activation and the individual moisture preserving material (Hidroxyethyl Cellulose) of Nanover facial mask pack makes a moisturized, elastic and beautiful skin.
  • Function of Whitening
    By an elimination of waste in pores and make-up residues & smooth smegma control, it makes skin clean and clear. And for the help of silver ion in a blood circulation, it makes the skin more vital and clear.
  • Strengthening skin immunity function
    Nano silver having the effect of strengthening immunity within the body is absorbed in skin cell strengthening the immunity of skin itself that makes a healthy skin no matter how stressful by outside environment or make-ups
  • Non-antiseptic
    Different from general cosmetics, it doesn?t have antiseptics or chemical compound added so one can feel secure and because it?s a pure silver product, one can use it long period and is most pleasant for the skin.
  • Joint use by men and women
    It?s healthy for the body, and Nanover facial mask pack not adding a harmful element can be used by anyone
  • Simple usage
    After washing face, one should only unpack a sealed Nanover facial mask pack and attach it for sometime (20~30min.) and after that just peel it


  • Attach As Nanover Facial Mask Pack with remove film to your face after cleaning
  • Remove As Nanover Facial Mask Pack after 20 to 30 minutes of adsorption
  • Slap residue of pack left on your face lightly for additional adsorption.

Using range

  • Harsh skin due to frequent make-up
  • Skin suffering from heavy make-up
  • Widen and blacken pores
  • Troubled skin due to the weakness of immunity
  • Skin care for men and women who works outside
  • Harsh skin due to stresses and overloaded work
  • Skin care for a purulent inflammation such as pimples and fat
  • Other simple skin trouble improvement & general skin management use etc.